Winchester House (California)                                                                        The Alamo  (Texas)


- Pickens County Courthouse (Carrollton, Alabama)

 No one really knew who set the fire that burnt down the original Carrollton Courthouse on November 16th, 1876. But everyone blamed Henry Wells, a rowdy black man who lived outside of town. The sheriff arrested him and held him in the attic of a building that was to become the new courthouse. One afternoon in February 1876, a lynch mob gathered in front of the new courthouse and demanded that Wells be turned over to them. As a violent thunderstorm approached the town, Wells peered out at the crowds through the garret window at the top of the building. Suddenly, a lightening bolt struck the roof, killing Wells. The flash of brilliant light etched his defiant expression into the window pane, and no amount of scrubbing or solvents in the decades since has been able to erase it. And on those days when thunderstorms roll through Pickens County, it is said that the ghost of Henry Wells stares out from the garret window of the old courthouse.
 Carrollton is 30 miles west of Tuscaloosa in Pickens County, it is located at the intersection of Highways 17 and 86. It is said that the face of Henry Wells can still be seen on the lower right-hand pane in the garret window of the Pickens County Courthouse.


- Golden North Hotel (Skagway , Alaska)
 The town of Skagway is 100 miles north of Juneau and is most easily accessible by boat or plane. From Whitehorse in the Yukon, follow Highway 2 south to the town. There you'll find the three-story Golden North hotel, it has a corner cupola facing Main Street.
 There are two ghosts that haunt this old hotel. Employees have nicknamed one of them "Mary." They believe she is the spirit of a young lady who died of pneumonia in her room, while waiting for her fiancé to return from a gold-prospecting expedition. She still haunts Room 23, where ghostly images of a woman have appeared and guests have complained of choking sensations in the middle of the night. Room 14 is haunted by a strange "light form" that moves around in the room at night. Nobody knows who, or what, it represents.

- Apache Sitgreaves National Forests - Diamond Rock Camp (Springerville, AZ)
 Once called home to the Apache Indians; this campground in the White Mountains sits alongside the East Fork of the Black River. The campsite in a forested valley, shaded by tall ponderosa pines is said to be the site of alot of paranormal activity. According to reports, photographic anomalies of a phantom woman have appeared in photos taken here. Strange sounds and noises have also been heard here. And people who visit the area report an uneasy feeling about the place.

- Bisbee Inn Bed & Breakfast (Bisbee, Arizona)
 Many visitors to the Bisbee Inn have witnessed paranormal activity throughout the house. Room 23 as well as the blue room are two of the more active rooms in the building. In the Grand Ma room, various guest have reported seeing a spirit of an elderly woman. Thought to be a benevolent spirit, her presence has made some of the guest in the room alittle nervous.

- Big Nose Kate's Saloon building (Tombstone, Arizona)
 Big Nose Kate's Saloon Building can be found on 417 East Allen Street. Allen Street was the main drag which ran into the old town of Tombstone, and Big Nose Kate's Saloon was located in the very center of it.
 The Big Nose Kate's Saloon Building opened in 1881, as a high class establishment, called The Grand Hotel, a classy place where the weary rested their heads, enjoyed fine dining, and a good brew in the basement bar.  Local people, cowboys, miners, out of town travelers all enjoyed having a nice hotel in town.  It probably hosted social events, like weddings as well. Wyatt and Virgil Earp, the Clantons and the McLaurys all stayed here.  The Clantons and the McLaurys had stayed here the night before three of them were killed at the shoot out at the OK corral, which occurred on Wednesday, October 26, 1881 around 3:00 pm. 
 A business-oriented, prosperous ex-prostitute, known by the name of Big Nose Kate, Mary Katharine Harmony, owned the Grand Hotel.  Originally from Texas, Kate saved Doc Holiday's life by busting him out of jail in Texas.  Though they never got married, Doc Holiday was eternally grateful to her, and they had a long lasting relationship. They lived together in Tombstone for many years.
 The building was built on top of a silver mine shaft, which runs throughout underneath the town. There was a basement saloon, a basement bedroom, a first floor lobby, a dining area, and a second floor with an elegant parlor and 17 single rooms for the guests as well. There was a handsome staircase leading up to the second floor and guest rooms. Unfortunately the second floor and staircase leading up to it are gone now. Only a little balcony remains up there today.
 Many people have reported witnessing paranormal activity here inside the building. An entity of a man, called Felix by the staff, dressed in 1880's attire is seen wandering around the halls and rooms of the building. Another entity, this one a nicely dressed female entity, has been seen dressed in 1880's attire, with shoulder-length ringlets, holding a parasol. She has been seen standing in the halls and also has been spotted enjoying the musical entertainment from the balcony. A male entity, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, has been seen sitting at the bar in the basement area. Two cowboy ghosts have also been seen here as well as in the first floor bar too.
 Two mannequins which were placed on the closed off balcony, have been known to be moved by an unknown presence. After hours, the owner, his brother, and a few friends were sitting at a table, when the female mannequin suddenly fell off of the balcony onto the floor below.  The male mannequin was then seen turning its head. Glasses on the bars and tables have also been known to move by themselves.
 Booted footsteps and jingling spurs have been heard on the stairs from the first floor to the basement, and in the first floor saloon as well. Witnesses have even heard disembodied voices coming from the basement area even when its suppose to be empty. This building is supposedly very haunted. There are many eye witness accounts here, and paranormal investigations have come up with some interesting results.

- Buford House Bed & Breakfast (Tombstone, Arizona)
 Located at 113 East Safford Street in Tombstone, Arizona. This adobe home was built in the 1880’s by George Buford, a prominent mine owner. Before becoming the bed and breakfast of today, it was called home to two sheriffs, a mayor, a state senator, and none other than Hollywood star John Wayne.  Today, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who committed suicide here after his girl rejected him. Both the owners and guests have seen this ghost walking around inside of the house, as well as along the street in front of the old adobe structure. Often, the doorbell rings in the middle of the night, seemingly of its own accord. Others have reported hearing knocking on walls, faucets turning themselves on and off, and strange lights appearing. Some women have reported feeling someone touching their hair or stroking the back of their necks, even when no one was around them. And people have caught orbs, and strange lights appearing on photographs taken here at the Buford house.

- Clawson House Inn (Bisbee, Arizona)
 Three murdered miners are said to haunt this 3-room inn. In the 1890's, there was a bitter labor dispute at the Queen mine southwest of town. Large numbers of striking workers were rounded up by authorities and shipped out of the area, and then strike-breakers moved in to take their jobs. According to some accounts, 3 scabs staying at the Clawson house were killed by strikers. Their spirits are said to be trapped in the house where they were killed. Along with the 3 murdered miners, another spirit has also been seen in the building. The ghost of Mrs. Clawson has been seen on many occasions by guests and employees too.

- Cochise Stronghold in Coronado National Forest -  (Douglas, Arizona)
 Located to the west of Sunsites, Arizona in the Dragoon Mountains, this beautiful woodland area was once the refuge of the great Apache Chief, Cochise, and his people. At an elevation of 5,000 feet, Cochise Stronghold lies in a protective area of granite domes and sheer cliffs. In this area the spirit of a man playing a flute has often been seen atop the boulders that tower over the campsites. The spirit of Cochise himself is also said to walk among these hills.

- Congress Hotel (Tucson, Arizona)
 Built in 1919, the hotel was constructed to serve the growing cattle and railroad industries. The roaring 1920’s saw the hotel filled with both genteel travelers and high rollers.
 However, this changed temporarily when on January 22nd, 1934, a fire started in the basement of the hotel and spread upwards through the elevator shaft. As the firemen helped the guests out of the windows via aerial ladders, an astute firefighter recognized several of the men as members of the John Dillinger Gang. Passing the information along, a stakeout was established and in the space of just a few hours the Tucson police had captured the gang that the combined forces of several states and the FBI had not been able to do.  Today, the hotel has been artfully restored to its original Western version of art deco. Though no known ghosts of the Dillinger Gang haunt the hotel, it is home to a couple of other unearthly spirits. One known ghost, who is often seen staring out of a window, is of a man who suffered a heart attack and died inside the hotel. Room 242 is also said to be haunted by a troubled woman who shot herself in the bathroom after a standoff with the police and a SWAT team. Her apparition has been seen in the bathroom and in the hallway outside the room. Others have reported hearing strange noises and had nightmares while  staying in that room.

- Crater Range  (Ajo, Arizona)
 In the 1950's, a couple was married in Ajo and was driving to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon. Around midnight, while they were passing through Crater Range, they lost control of their car and crashed into a big rock. Both of them were killed instantly.
 It is said that if you drive through Crater Range after midnight you might just see the couple and their wrecked car on the side of the road.
- Hassyampa Inn (Prescott, Arizona)
 Located at 122 East Gurley Street in Prescott, Arizona. The Hassyampa Inn opened in 1927 as the Prescott’s grand hotel. Almost from the start, trajedy befell on the hotel. A newlywed honeymoon couple checked into the hotel as one of its first guests. The couple was checked into the balcony suite, and the groom soon stepped out to buy a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. After three days of waiting, the devastated bride killed herself by hanging herself off of the bell tower above her room.
 Today her ghost, called Faith, apparently continues to wait for her long lost love. Numerous sightings of her spirit have been seen throughout the years here in the inn. She has been seen crying at the end of a bed, standing on a balcony holding flowers, and floating through the hallways in a pink gown. She is also thought to be behind such pranks as shutting off the gas burners in the kitchen, spilling coffee, and flapping bed sheets too. In addition to the forlorn bride a child spirit is also thought to lurk within the hotel. Although never seen, the child ghost has been heard by a number of guest. A bouncing ball is often heard coming from different areas of the hotel as well as the sound of a childs laughter.

- Hermosa Inn (Scottsdale, Arizona)
 In 1930, A cowboy/artist named Lon Megargee built the Hermosa Inn building on some land that he purchased in Paradise Valley. He helped build it with his own hands and money but afterwards couldn't afford the house's maintenance cost. To deal with the money shortage, he rented out rooms to travelers. This solution helped for awhile but unfortunately in 1941, Megargee was forced into selling it. Along with the house he built, Mr. Megargee also sold his furniture, his paintings, and everything else he had in the house. Today, some of his paintings still hang on the walls inside the Hermosa Inn.
 Since Lon Megargee's death in 1961, his spirit has been seen on the property many times. Witnesses reported seeing him in ghost form, dressed up like a cowboy. Other people have reported hearing toilets flush even when the bathroom was empty. And drinking glasses have also been knocked off tables and broken by an unseen force.

- Hotel Lee (Yuma, Arizona)
 Built in 1917 in the Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style, the Hotel Lee is Yuma’s oldest hotel. Located on a corner of what was once the busy Main Street of Yuma at the southern terminus of the commercial district, the hotel has been full restored today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
 It is also allegedly haunted by at least three different female spirits. The first spirit is that of the original owner who has been seen walking down the halls at night and has been known to knock and rattle the doors of the rooms. An Indian woman, thought to predate the hotel has also been seen here at the hotel most often hovering above the guest beds. Employees also blame her for moving tools and other small items only to replace them in odd places. The third ghost is that of a young teenage girl who has been spied walking down the back hall in the evening sometimes carrying towels.

- Hotel Vendome (Prescott, Arizona)
 Built in 1917, this two-story landmark hotel has hosted not only travelers but a number of Hollywood celebrities over the years. At some point in the early 1900's, a woman named Abby came to Prescott in an attempt to heal herself of tuberculosis, then called “consumption.” She soon met and married a man and the pair bought the hotel. After a time, they lost the hotel due to unpaid taxes. However, the generous new owners allowed the couple to stay on at the hotel at no charge. Somewhere along the line, when her husband went out to get medicine, he never returned. The devastated Abby refused to eat or drink and ended up dying of starvation in Room 16 in 1921. After World War II, guests began to report seeing the ghost of Abby, along with her cat in the room that she died. Apparently still waiting for her husband’s return, she is described as a benevolent ghost, friendly to those that she encounters.

- The Pointe Hilton Tapitio Cliffs Resort (Pheonix, Arizona)
 Featuring dramatic views of the Valley of the Sun, the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort offers over 500 rooms within a three-acre oasis of waterfalls, streams, and beautiful gardens. It also provides guests with the potential to see a ghost.
 Some 20 years ago a drunken man attending a wedding reception walked up to the cliffs behind the ballroom of the hotel and accidently fell to his death. Today he is said to haunt the main ballroom, where the wedding reception he was attending years ago was held, as well as the boiler room.

- The Red Garter Bed & Bakery (Williams, Arizona)
 Located in an 1897 restored saloon and bordello, this two-story Victorian Romanesque brick building with twelve foot ceilings, skylights, and antique furnishings captures the 1890's old western atmosphere without giving up the comfort and security expected by today's traveler. Once considered the rowdiest business on William’s Saloon Row, the saloon and brothel continued to be operated until the mid 1940s, when a murder committed on the stairs of the Red Garter led to a city-wide crackdown on saloons and houses of ill repute. The building then served several different businesses including a general store and a rooming house. In 1994 it opened as the Red Garter Bed and Bakery.
 Guests not only enjoy the bakery delicacies, but also that of a resident spirit called Eve. Described as a shy Hispanic girl, she has appeared in photographs, left her impression on mattresses, and has been heard coming up and down the stairs when no one else is present.

- Royal Elizabeth Bed & Breakfast (Tucson, Arizona)
 Located on 204 South Scott Avenue in Tucson. It is the oldest Victorian era inn operating in Arizona today. This adobe crafted mansion was built in 1878. Utilizing a combination of architectural styles, the classic 19th century home, hides an abundance of period antiques and beautiful woodwork inside.  Originally serving as the personal home and offices for a prominent Judge Blenman, his descendents continued to occupy the home into their old age. Afterwards, the building began to fall into disrepair and was converted into small apartments. In 1998, it was fully restored to become the beautiful bed and breakfast inn of today.
 Judge Blenman seemingly doesn’t wish to leave his old home as he has often been spied inside the inn, most often in the Sydney Marie Suite that once served as his law office. He has also been seen at the private entrance to the patio that adjoins the room and in the grand main hall as well.

- San Carlos Inn Hotel (Pheonix, Arizona)
 Hotel San Carlos is located at 202 North Central Ave in Phoenix, Arizona. Competed in 1927, the Italian Renaissance-inspired hotel was touted as one of the most modern hotels in the Southwest at the time. Being the first high-rise, fully air-conditioned hotel of the day, it soon became a gathering place for Phoenix’s elite as well as numerous Hollywood stars.
 Built on top of the original site of Phoenix’s first elementary school, several spirits of young boys have often been seen inside the hotel. However, it’s most famous ghost is that of a woman named Leone Jensen who killed herself in 1928 by jumping off the roof of the seven-story hotel. Most often spied as a white, misty figure, eerie moaning sounds often accompany her spirit. Other reports include the sounds of children running through the halls and playing in empty rooms.

- Santa Rita Hotel (Tucson, Arizona)
 Tucson’s most elegant hotel when it opened in 1904, it has been fully refurbished today continuing to cater to Tucson visitors. A number of spirits are said to continue to call the old hotel home, including a Texas rancher who killed his cheating wife before hanging himself. Said to sometimes appear in room 822 where he killed himself, the unearthly rancher also likes to play with the lights. Another spirit who is sometimes seen, is that of a young boy who slipped while running around the pool and drowned here in the Santa Rita Hotel. Allegedly, this boy spirit is searching for his mother. People have heard him call out the word MOM around the swimming pool area.




- Alcatraz Island (San Francisco, California)
 Every year, over one million people come by ferry to this most famous landmark. Located in the San Francisco Bay in California, Alcatraz Island served as a lighthouse,  a military fortification, a military prison, and a federal prison as well. In the beginning, the Native Americans believed the island to be inhabited by evil spirits.  As severe punishment for violations of tribal law, Indians were sometimes isolated for a period of time on the island or even banished for life to live among the evil spirits. Since the early 1800's, American Indians prisoners were often jailed at the military prison here on Alcatraz Island. Since then, in 1964 and again in 1969 Indians of all types, took control of Alcatraz Island and liberated it in protest against the U.S. Government. Today, the island is a historic site operated by the National Park Service and it is open to tours.
 One of Alcatraz's most famous prisoners was Gangster, Al Capone. During his stay here, Capone often complained about being harrassed by the ghost of the men he had killed. He said that the spirits wouldn't leave him alone and slowly it seemed to be driving him insane.  Capone spent four and a half years here in Alcatraz.
 Although No executions were ever done here on Alcatraz island; 8 murders, 1 suicide, and 1 unexplained death did occur here when it was a federal prison.  These deaths might be the cause of some of the hauntings here on Alcatraz. Many of the guards who work here have reported seeing, hearing, and being touched by the ghost. One of the most haunted places in the old jail is the former cell of prisoner Bird Man Robert Stroud. People have reported being grabbed by an unseen entity while standing in this cell. Others report feeling very scared or worried for no reason at all as soon as they entered the cell.
 Since the 1940’s, apparitions have been seen at the site of the now burned-out shell of what use to be warden Johnson’s house.  When the prison was still open, guards told of hearing phantom cannon and gunshots, accompanied by screams that were so real they sent the seasoned guards diving to the ground, believing that prisoners had somehow escaped and obtained weapons.  After taking cover, the guards would then cautiously look around to see absolutely nothing. Another often reported experience of the guards was the smell of smoke that often came from a deserted laundry room as if something was on fire.  When they went to investigate the black smoke was so thick it drove the guards from the room.  However, just minutes later, the room was completely smoke free. These kinds of incidents could never be explained.
 The notorious D-Block of the prison is said to have been, and continues to be, the most haunted block in all the prison.  While first built the same as the other cellblocks, the Bureau of Prisons appropriated additional money for a more secure D-Block after the 1939 escape attempt, in which Arthur "Doc" Barker was killed.
 During a Christmas Party at Warden Johnston’s house, several guards told the story of a ghostly man who suddenly appeared before them wearing a gray suit, brimmed cap, and sporting mutton-chop sideburns. As the startled guards stared at the apparition, the room suddenly turned very cold and the fire in the stove was extinguished.  Less than a minute later, the spirit vanished.
 Often it has been reported that on foggy nights, an old lighthouse will suddenly appear out of no where, accompanied by an eerie whistling sound and a flashing green light which makes its way slowly around the island.  Appearing to both guards and visitors alike, the spectacle vanishes just as quickly as it appears.
 Alcatraz is a strange, but awesome place to visit. It definately deserves its rank as one of the most haunted places in America.
- Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood, California)
 Some say the Hollywood elite who stayed at this hotel left a bit of themselves behind. Located on Hollywood Boulevard across the street from the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was a focal point for the movie business in the 1920's and 1930's.
 During the making of the film "From Here to Eternity", Montgomery Clift stayed at the Roosevelt hotel in room 928. Now to this day many visitors who have stayed in that room have reported that you can still hear Clift play his bugle.
 Cabana 246 is another part of the hotel that has had many paranormal reports. It is where Marilyn Monroe lived on and off. Her personal mirror is still located in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, and some visitors and hotel employees have claimed seeing Monroe's image reflected in the mirror.

- The Queen Mary (Long Beach, California)

 This once famous luxury cruise liner was purchased by the city of Long Beach and converted into a hotel in 1967. It is said that many of its passengers and crew members from the past still haunt the ship today.
 The most haunted room is said to be the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death while trying to escape a fire. It has been numerously reported that he bangs on pipes throughout the room. There have also been reports of a "lady in white" around the front desk of the hotel and the ghosts of children haunting the pool area. Many visitors claims to hear the ghost of a little girl, who reportedly broke her neck while swimming, asking her mommy for her doll. In the pool's changing room, there has been plenty of strange activity. Furniture is said to move by itself and unseen figures touch hotel guests. In the front hull of the ship, there is a ghost that some guest say they can hear screaming. He is said to be a sailor who was killed when the Queen Mary collided with another smaller ship.
 Many investigations have occured here on this ship. TV shows like Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, and Dead Famous have all held vigil's aboard the Quenn Mary and alot of interesting evidence has been gathered here on this site.

- Sacramento Theatre Company (Sacramento, California)
 Located at 1419 H Street in downtown Sacramento; the Sacramento Theatre Company building is rumored to be haunted by atleast 5 different spirits.  Recent investigations have documented strong paranormal activity here. In the auditorium, disembodied footsteps have been heard and even were recorded on audio tape during one investigation.
 The 50-year-old vaudeville stage is home to a ghost that employees have named Pinky — because of the pinkish aura it manifests. The apparition has been seen on numerous occasions and is even credited with warning electricians an impending collapse of a overhead lightbar. Several people could have been seriously injured had they not evacuated the area because of Pinky's ghost.

- The Whaley House (San Diego, California)
The Whaley House has long been known to be one of the most haunted homes in America and it dates back to 1856. From 1868 to 1871, the Whaley House was not only the family home, but it also was San Diego's first theater, the county courthouse, and the Whaley and Crosthwaite General Store.
 The suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885 deeply affected Thomas and Anna Whaley and that same year, Thomas Whaley moved his family to a new home. These events, as well as the numerous hangings which occurred on the property before the Whaley house existed, have filled the house with an atmosphere of mystery, darkness and the paranormal.
 In 1852, a man known as "Yankee Jim" Robinson was accused of attempting to steal a boat in the harbour. He was sentenced to die by hanging and as the executioners didn’t take into account his tall stature, it took him 45 minutes to slowly strangle to death. He has often been heard trudging around in his heavy boots upstairs. It is said he walks to the top of the stairs and then stops, dead.  Both Thomas and Anna Whaley are regularly seen in various parts of the property and Violet is said to appear in her bedroom, one of the most haunted and most paranormally active rooms in the house.
 Visitors have also described feeling moving cold spots, smelled cigar smoke, smelled flowery perfume, heard creaking sounds, and have even seen strange light anomalies. It has even been reported that the ghost of the Whaley dog named Dolly, makes an appearance and is seen or sometimes just heard barking.
 The Whaley house has been investigated by a number of different paranormal groups. Much evidence has been captured here and to this day reports of its hauntings continue to be collected. Historically and paranormally the Whaley House is a very interesting place to check out.

- Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, California)
 Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is named after a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester. She began a construction project of such magnitude in 1884 that it was to occupy the lives of carpenters and craftsmen until her death thirty-eight years later. The Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress, is filled with so many unexplained oddities, that it has come to be known as the Winchester Mystery House.
 Sarah Winchester built a home that is an architectural marvel. This 160-room Victorian mansion had three working elevators and 47 fireplaces. Sarah held séances to receive instructions on building the mansion from spirits of those killed by Winchester guns. Many visitors to the house and staff report unusual and unexplained sightings and sounds. There are special flashlight tours.
 There are 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 47 fireplaces, and six kitchens. The mansion includes stairs that lead to nowhere, doors that open onto nothing, windows that look out at solid walls. Sarah supposedly built it that way to confuse the ghosts. When she died in 1922, construction ceased. But the phantoms are still there, say folks who work at Winchester Mystery House. They swear they hear footsteps in the hallway, voices from the kitchen and doors that seem to slam all by themselves.


- The Brown Palace Hotel (, Colorado)
 Built by businessman Henry Cordes Brown on a triangular lot in downtown Denver in 1888, the Brown Palace Hotel is located at the intersection of 17th street & Broadway. It has been catering to the upper class since it opened over a century ago.
 A former owner of the hotel, named Mary Hedges died in one of the hotel rooms here at the Palace Hotel. Her spirit has been seen by a few guest and the current owner of the hotel also claims seeing her spirit as well. A child ghost has also been seen and heard running through the hallways here on a few occasions. Some of the staff members working here have also claimed seeing a ghost dressed in a old fashioned uniform.

- The Imperial Casino Hotel (Cripple Creek, Colorado)
  Located at 3rd Street and Bennett Avenue, The Imperial Hotel was built in 1896 during the reconstruction of Cripple creek, after 2 fires destroyed the town completely leveling it. Originally named the Collins Hotel, the place changed owners several times during its first few years. In 1910, a  English man named George Long purchased the hotel and changed the name of it to the Imperial Hotel.
  George Long lived in the Imperial with his wife and children. His oldest daughter, Alice, suffered from some kind of mental illness. She would have violent fits of rage in which she would scream and wildly fling herself around. During these outbursts, George and his wife would lock her in a room, away from the hotel guests. In 1930, she attacked him from behind and murdered her father on the stairs that lead to the basement. For her crime, she was placed in an institution for the rest of her life.
  Since his untimely death, George Long's restless spirit has been seen here at the Imperial Hotel. Some hotel employees and visitors alike have seen the well dressed, balding spirit throughout the property. It is believed that George is a friendly spirit and only wants to be left alone.
  In 1992, the Imperial was renovated to fit a new casino and restaurant. During this renovation, supernatural phenomena picked up. On one occasion, when the Casino was closed, the security guards heard one of the slot machines going off. When they got to the machine that was making the noises, it began to spit out coins as if it was paying off a winner. On another night, security guards were called to investigate banging sounds coming from one of the hotels rooms. When they opened the door to the room where the noise was coming from, the noise stopped and nothing and nobody was found in the empty room. To this day it is still unknown what or who caused the disturbance. Reports of water being turned on or off in the sinks and doors opening and closing on their own still come in to this day. People believe that this might be George's way of letting people know that he is still around.
- The Molly Brown Mansion Museum (Denver, Colorado)
 A female spirit has been seen here by staff members and guests alike.

- Dudleytown (Cornwall, Connecticut)
 Cornwall is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut. There lies what remains of a small town now famous for the settlement of Dudleytown. This abandoned town is now believed to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Dudleytown was founded by Thomas Griffis in 1645, but it was named after three Dudley brothers, who moved there a few years later. It is believed that the Dudley's were cursed, and that they brought this curse over with them to Dudleytown when they came here.
 People who have explored Dudleytown have experienced a lot of strange activity taking place here in this former settlement. It has been reported that strange dark creatures have been seen here in the woods. These unknown creatures have been rumored to chase people out of the area and they have even been known to attack people sometimes. Strange lights have also been seen here in Dudleytown and the surrounding woods. Strange noises and sounds have been heard here as well. The most often reported paranormal phenomena that takes place here is the sightings of phantom shadow figures. These large black shadowy beings have been seen on a number of occasions by a number of people. They have been seen hiding in the foundations of the ruined houses and they have also been seen hiding behind the many trees here. Some people believe that these shadow people protect the area, and others say that the entities are just bad, evil demons.
 Dudleytown is definately a strange and erie place to visit. Being in the woods, I would recommend that if you want to check this place out, come in the day time and come with a group. Coming here alone could be dangerous. Devil worshipping and other rituals have been known to take place here and I wouldn't want to be alone and run in to those kind of people.
 - New London Ledge Lighthouse (New London Harbor, Connecticut)
 Almost a century old, New London Ledge Lighthouse was built in 1909. It is believed that this lighthouse's ghost is named Ernie. In 1936, when Ernie learned that his wife had run off with the captain of the Block Island Ferry, he jumped to his death from the roof of the lighthouse. He has since haunted the lighthouse, and his ghost has been known to open and close doors, wash the decks, turn off televisions, turn the fog horn off and on, and untie secured boats to let them drift away.




- Old Port Boca Grande Lighthouse (Gasparilla Island, Gulf of Mexico, Florida)
 Built in 1890, this lighthouse might have two ghosts. The first is the young daughter of one of the lighthouse's keepers, who died in the building, perhaps of diphtheria or whooping cough. Tour guides say that she can be heard playing in one of the rooms of the building's upper floor. The second ghost is reputed to be the headless spectre of a Spanish princess named Josefa. According to the legend, when Josefa rejected the love of the Spanish pirate Gasparilla, so then he lopped off her head with his sword. Her headless spirit has allegedly been seen wandering the beach, possibly looking for her head.

- St. Augustine Lighthouse (St. Augustine, Florida)
 Originaly built in 1824, this place is very paranormally active. Several ghosts are said to haunt this lighthouse. The voice of the 12-year-old daughter of the lighthouse's builder, who drowned near the building, can sometimes be heard. Footsteps from some unseen presence can be heard shuffling on the gravel and on the steps outside and inside of the lighthouse. A large, dark male looking figure also has been seen in the basement area, possibly the spirit of a former caretaker who hung himself in the lighthouse.   From shadows being captured on video, to voices being heard on evp's, St. Augustine has been a great place to capture evidence of the paranormal.


- St. Simons Lighthouse (St. Simons, Georgia)
 St. Simons Lighthouse was first built in 1810 and then rebuilt again in 1872. The keeper's house was the dwelling place of the lighthouse keeper, his assistant, and both of their families too. In 1880, an argument broke out between the lighthouse keeper Frederick Osborne and his assistant, leaving Osborne dead. Since then, many witnesses have claimed that his heavy footsteps can still be heard climbing the tower's staircase.




- Idaho State Penitentiary Historic Site (Boise, Idaho)
 When the Idaho Territory was less than 10 years old, the need for a prison became evident. So in 1870, using prisoner labor, the first structures were built using hand-cut sandstone. Other sandstone buildings are found in the center yard and include cellhouses 1, 2, & 3, the Commissary building, the Barber Shop, the Hospital, the Chapel, and a dining hall and kitchen building too.  Some of these buildings were drafted by prisoner George Hamilton, who was in jail for armed robbery at the time.
 Throughout its use as a jail, Idaho State Penitentiary has seen its share of violence. From murder, to rape, to assaults, to prison riots, the jail has had many bad and evil things happen within its walls.
 Many visitors to this old jail have claimed experiencing paranormal events taking place here. In the Solitary Confinement building, Cold spots and apparitions are sometimes seen. In the Rose Garden, the place where the portable gallows use to be set up during the early years, apparitions and cold spots have been seen there as well. In building 5, the Maximum Security, death row building. An inmate living on death row jumped off the third floor and killed himself. He still makes his presence known today by causing fresh batteries to go dead, and he has also been seen as a floating greenish misty light.  Throughout the jail, people have reported strange sightings and sounds that so far cant be explained. More paranormal research needs to be done here but the building seems to be very paranormally active to this day.

- Idaho University (Pocatello, Idaho)
 Two buildings, located on the Idaho University campus are rumored to be haunted. Frazier Hall Theatre and Graveley Hall both have their share of strange reports occuring within them.
 At Frazier Hall, an entity named Alex is said to haunt the building. People say that he loves to play tricks on the living. Other apparitions have been seen sitting in the theatre seats and phantom foot steps have been heard up on the fourth floor.
 At Graveley Hall, A strong presence is felt in the building. Just locked windows have been found opened a few minute later when no one else living was present in the building. And doors have also been un-locked by unknown forces.
 Stories from the custodians and others who find themselves in these buildings have given their testimonies. Ghosts of Idaho paranormal investigators have done some investigating, and have listed both buildings as being haunted.

- Pioneer & Boot Hill Cemeteries (Idaho City , Idaho)
 Once a booming gold rush town, Idaho City is now is a small town of 300 residents, though there are also unseen residents of the past hanging around various parts of town.
 The city, like many of the gold towns of the past, has suffered a series of fires, which destroyed about 80% of the original towns buildings. The wealthier residents were able to rebuild the city to the liking of all concerned, leaving a nice town for generations to enjoy. Visitors to Idaho City today enjoy this well preserved gold rush town, with its plank-covered board walks, the 19th century buildings, and the Pioneer & Boot Hill Cemeteries that are there to see and explore, as they stimulate the local economy.
 Many people died during the town's violent past, which often happened during the time period of the gold rush era. Besides the casualties of the many gun fights here, the fires, disease, and even death from child birth took their toll.
 Many ghosts and apparitions float, linger, and saunter through both of the town's Cemeteries. Several pre-teen boys, while exploring the Pioneer Cemetery, saw a foggy, misty apparition of an old prospector, described as sporting a short beard, western clothes, and a vest. In the Chinese section of this cemetery, a young chinese girl is seen standing by a grave. Both cemeteries are believed to be haunted to this day and are open to visitors year round.

- Pocatello High School (Pocatello, Idaho)
 The original Pocatello High School was built on this same spot probably in the early 1900's. It burned to the ground in 1914.  The oldest buildings of the current Pocatello High school were built in 1916. A major addition and the gymnasium were built in 1939. Since then, more buildings and a new gym have been added to the campus but the school still manages to keep its 1916 charm.
 Some students have claimed seeing ghostly apparitions in various parts of the school. An apparition of a young girl has been seen wandering around the school at night by custodial staff. During the 1930's a female student commited suicide in the school by hanging herself by her locker. It is still rumored that the smell of her favorite perfume hovers in the area where she died. In the auditorium, teachers and students alike have heard music coming from an empty auditorium. The schools library is also said to be haunted and an unknown alarm sound is heard late at night coming from the area where the schools old gym was located. What is causing this alarm sound and other strange activity is still a mystery today.


- The Hickory Hills Old Slave House (Junction, Illinois)
 This house was built in 1842 by a wealthy man named John Hart Crenshaw. He used this house to kidnap free blacks and then turn them into slaves. He kept the kidnapped victims up in the attic, where he tourtured and abused them. Some even died because of the abuse they suffered at the hands of Crenshaw.
  In the 1920's, the house was opened to the public as a tourist attraction. People came from all over to visit this house of horrors. Soon after, tourists visiting the house began reporting strange occurances happening inside and around the building. Reports of moving cold-spots and strange sounds were heard, along with people hearing cries and loud moans coming from the attic area, even when the attic was suppose to be empty.
 A local legend about the Hickory Hills Old Slave House started when a local ghost hunter named Hickman Whittington investigated the building, went home, and died a few hours later. After this incident, it was stated that no one could last a whole night in the attic. Dozens of people have tried, but failed at the task and were sent running by the houses spirits way before sun break. Finally in 1978, one man did manage to spend one entire night inside of the attic. He also experienced some strange occurances while in the attic and said he wouldn't want to spend another night there.
 The new owners of the house, and dozens of visitors as well, still report hearing unexplained phantom voices, noises, and sounds. And also say that they have felt cold spots that make the hair on your body stand on end.
 Currently the Hickory Hills Old Slave house is CLOSED to the public. No tours or visits are allowed or given and the police will be called on anyone trespassing on the property.





- Kansas Aviation Museum (Wichita, Kansas)
 An old disused airport and museum combined together - and plus its haunted too! This is my kind of place to visit! This wonderful building was one of the busiest airports in the 1940's with airplanes taking off and landing about 1 every 90 seconds.  Eventually it was closed down and changed to an aviation museum. Paranormal activity has been regularly reported here for many years now. In particular the sounds of crowds walking, talking and laughing are heard even when there isn't anyone around. Also residual tannoy announcements have been witnessed by people visiting this place. An apparition of a man wearing a fedora hat has been seen. Doors slam on their own, and music from the 1940's and 1950's can be heard coming from unknown sources. People have also stated that there is a feeling of people all around the building even when its empty of living souls. Definately this is a very fascinating place to visit.


- Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville, Kentucky)
 Waverly Hills, was opened in 1926 and was considered to be the most advanced tuberculosis hospital in the country. Records have been lost, but it is estimated that tens of thousands of people have died here at Waverly Hills.
 In many cases, entire families came to live at Waverly Hills. Some were cured but many others left the hospital through what was called the “body chute”. This was a tunnel that led from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. It consisted of a motorized rail and cable system where the bodies were placed and lowered down on one side of the tunnel and steps led up and down on the other.
 There have been many tales of patient mistreatment and unusual experiments that have filtered down from the hills over the years. Some have been proven false, while others unfortunately have turned out to be true. Due to this and all the death that has occured here, it is no wonder that Waverly Hills truely is haunted by something.
 Reports of hearing sounds where no one is and being touched by unseen hands have been claimed by visitors. Orbs on photographs and voices appearing on evp's have also been captured here at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.


- Chalmette National Battlefield & Cemetery (Chalmette, Louisiana)
 The Chalmette Battlefield and Cemetery are located about 6 miles southeast of New Orleans. Site of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, it is the final resting place for soldiers from the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War.
 On January 8th, 1815 the U.S. fought the battle that brought victory over British forces, the bloody official ending of the War of 1812. With the aid of famous Louisiana Pirate Jean Lafitte and his Buccaneers, the U.S. forces at Chalmette soundly defeated the more skilled and more numerous British forces. General Andrew Jackson’s stunning victory over the British at Chalmette wasn't without loss, and some say the memory of that loss still lingers in the swampy fens and mist-enshrouded paths of the Chalmette Battlefield.
 Reports continue to come in of paranormal occurrences including the sound of ghostly cannons going off and voices barking out military commands to unseen troops. Many have heard whispers in the cemetery and some have even seen a wandering figure of a lone British soldier walking among the headstones.

- Lafayette Cemetery (New Orleans, Louisiana)

 Unquestionably one of the most interesting and written-about cemeteries in the country, Lafayette Cemetery in the Big Easy stands as one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.  Ghosts have been seen flitting in and around the above-ground graves for many years now.
 Lafayette Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. If you are a movie buff, parts may seem familiar to you, as this is a favorite scene in many movies made here in New Orleans. The cemetery bounded by Washington Avenue, Prytania Street, Sixth Street, and Coliseum Street. The history of the cemetery goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, even before it was part of New Orleans. Built in what was once the City of Lafayette, the cemetery was officially established in 1833. The area was formerly part of the Livaudais plantation, and that square had been used for burials since 1824.
 In 1841, there were 241 burials in Lafayette of victims of yellow fever. in 1847, approximately 3000 people died of yellow fever, and Lafayette holds about 613 of those. By 1853, the worst outbreak ever of yellow fever caused more than 8000 deaths, and bodies were often left at the gates of Lafayette cemetery. Many of these victims were immigrants and flatboatmen, who worked in the area on the Mississippi river.
 With so many bodies piling up in the cemetery, it was almost impossible to to give all of the yellow fever victims a proper burial. This might be one of the reasons that the cemetery is so haunted to this day. Others believe that voodoo rituals done at the cemetery may have been the cause of all this paranormal activity.

- The Myrtles Plantation (Saint Francisville, Louisiana)

 The Myrtles Plantation has been regarded by many as the most haunted house in America for a long time. Located on the outskirts of St. Francisville, 30 miles north of Baton Rouge, it is currently a bed and breakfast.
 It is believed that the plantation house was built on Tunica Indian burial mounds in 1794, by General David Bradford. Supposedly General Bradford was the first to see a ghost at the Myrtles - a naked Indian girl - who is still occasionally seen today. Eventually, the house belonged to Bradford's daughter Sara and her husband, Judge Clark Woodruffe.
 Legend says that a slave woman named Chloe was owned by the Woodruffes, and was the Judge's reluctant mistress. Eventually, the Judge seemed to tire of Chloe and she feared what might become of her so she took to listening at keyholes to learn her possible fate. The Judge caught her one-day and had her ear cut off in punishment. Because of that, Chloe always wore a turban.
 Eventually, Chloe devised a plan for insuring her place in the household. She would save the family from a mysterious ailment! So, Chloe poisoned the birthday cake of the eldest daughter with Oleander leaves, intending to nurse the family back to health after the leaves made them sick. Unfortunately, Sara and her two daughters died from the poison, only the Judge was spared since he had not eaten the cake.
 Chloe was terrified and fled to the safety of the other slaves. But unfortunately for Chloe, the slaves knew hiding her could result in all of their deaths, so they drug her out of hiding and hanged her in a tree. Her body was then weighted and thrown into the Mississippi River. The ghost of a turbaned woman has been seen at the Plantation ever since.
 Even if Chloe were the only ghost, surely that would be haunt enough to dissuade anyone from wanting to own the property. Instead, the ghosts were a bonus for the present owners, Teeta and John Moss. "There's a million old homes," Teeta told one interviewer. "But how many are haunted?" Mrs. Moss even believes Chloe helps keep her children safe. When she isn't looking after the Moss children, Chloe has been known to peek in on overnight guests, peering at them intently. No one knows who she is looking for.
 The Chloe incident is not the only tragedy that the Myrtles has borne through the years. In fact, there have been at least 10 homicides or suicides on the property through the years. During the Civil War, a confederate soldier dragged himself through the front door where he died from his wounds. Legend says that he left an impression of his fallen body that could not be removed and that the spot even resisted cleaning, stopping mops before they could cross the area or filling the maids with dread as they approached.
 In 1927, a man was killed during a robbery of the plantation, and it is said that his ghost roams the property, as well, ordering strangers to leave. The Woodruffe children have also been seen and heard on the property, laughing and playing. They have even been spotted perched in the chandeliers or peering at guests from the foot of their beds. Startled visitors to the Myrtles have also reported seeing a Voodoo priestess, chanting over a little girl. And, even odder still, some have seen a ballet dancer, complete with black tutu, who dances about a foot off the ground. Some folks haven't seen a whole ghost, but have seen disembodied hands or candles floating in midair.
 Strange sounds also seem to abound at the Myrtles. The grand piano has been known to play by itself. People have heard crying babies. Others report the sound of a man staggering up the stairs in the dead of night and collapsing on the 17th stair. This has been attributed to the ghost of William Winter, who staggered up the stairs as he was dying of a gunshot wound in 1871, and collapsed into his wife's arms on the 17th step.

- The 1891 Castle Inn (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 Standing in the Garden District of New Orleans, the 1891 Castle Inn is a Gilded-Age mansion that seems plucked out of history. The 9,500-square foot mansion has 38 rooms total. It also has a century old piano in it that guest are allowed to play and the mansion is also filled with restored furniture from a past era. Nine suites are available for guest to come and stay in to experience the house and maybe the spirits who still reside in it.
 Two spirits are believed to haunt this place. They have been seen all over the building by guest and the staff members who work here. One of the owners of the 1891 Castle Inn says the third floor seems to have the most paranormal activity in it. The employees here say that the ghosts like to move and hide certain objects. Keys go missing all the time. Drinking cups and glasses also are sometimes moved from one spot in the room to another when the drinker isn't paying attention to it. Guest wallets and purses are also moved and later found in strange places like inside the microwave or under the bed.
 Room 10, called the Gothic Sanctuary, is one of the more haunted places in the castle inn. People have had weird experiences in the room like the lights turning off by themselves or the TV turning on or off too. Guests have reported feeling strange sensations while staying in room 10 and others have heard weird noises as well.
 The 1891 Castle Inn transports its visitors to another time and mindset. Its a great place to experience the past and maybe even a ghost or two.




- Antietam Battlefield (Antietam, Maryland)
 On one single day, September 17th,1862, over 23,000 men were wounded or lost their lives here during the battle of Antietam. The second bloodiest battle during the Civil War, the Union's victory at Antietam stopped Robert E. Lee's northern invasion. Second only to Gettysburg in the annals of warlike horror, more soldiers were killed on this one day then in the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican American war, and the Spanish American conflicts combined.
 Strange events have taken place throughout the area that lead people to believe it is haunted. The sounds of gunfire and the smell of smoke and gunpowder are just some of the strange things that have taken place here. People have also seen strange blue lights near Burnside Bridge where many Confederate soldiers died while trying to cross Antietam Creek during the battle. The Pry House is also haunted, supposedly by a female ghost witnesses say. Ghosts have also been seen at the Piper House, the Sherrick House, the Otto House, and in the St. Paul Episcopal Church.(which was used as a Confederate field hospital following the bloody battle.)
 Many ghost hunters have investigated Antietam Battlefield and have come away with paranormal photos of "orbs" and strange mists. Others have caught unknown voices while recording evp's.
 With all of the killing that took place during the one day battle here at Antietam, its no wonder that this place is still haunted today, almost one hundred and fifty years later.

- Point Lookout (Chesapeake Bay, Maryland)
 First built in 1830 and then rebuilt in 1883, Point Lookout has been called "America's most haunted lighthouse,". This might be mostly because of its unfortunate past. In the years of the Civil War, a prison camp was established next to the lighthouse by the Union Army. It was terribly overcrowded and became a breeding ground for disease, despair, and death. Many signs of hauntings have been reported since the 1860s. Strange noises and disembodied voices, some of which have even been recorded on audiotape have been heard here by witnesses throughout the years. It has also been reported that the ghost of the first lighthouse keeper, Ann Davis, has been seen standing at the top of the stairway. Other ghostly figures have also been seen in the basement area.


- Plymouth Lighthouse (Gurnet Point, Plymouth, Massachusetts)
 Plymouth Lighthouse was first built way back in 1769. It was built on the property of John and Hannah Thomas, whom became the lighthouses first keepers. John was killed during the Revolutionary War, leaving Hannah as America's first woman lighthouse keeper. It is believed that her spirit still visits this lighthouse to this day.


- Presque Isle Lighthouse (On Lake Huron, Presque Isle, Michigan)
 Built in 1840, Presque Isle Lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of George Parris, the former lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse is now abandoned, yet an amber light is occasionally seen still flashing from the tower. George and Lorraine Parris moved into the small house attached to the lighthouse in 1977, where they looked after the grounds and provided tours to vacationers. The lighthouse was actually taken out of service in 1870, but it wasn't until 1979 that George and the Coast Guard removed the wiring. Yet after George died in 1991, the mystery light began to appear. "I knew right away that it was George," said his widow, who continued the caretaker duties alone after her husbands death. "He used to cook breakfast for me in the morning. Bacon and eggs. There were many mornings when I'd wake up to the smell of breakfast, but naturally no one was there. I knew that it was him." According to one story, a little girl touring the lighthouse with her family had climbed to the top of the tower and returned giggling. When asked who she had been talking to up there, she said, "To the man in the tower." She later identified the man as George Parris from a portrait of him in the cottage.

- Seul Choix Point Lighthouse (On Lake Michigan, about 14 miles east of Manistique, Michigan)
 Visitors and workers at the lighthouse complex have reported strange happenings, including moved silverware and other items, phantom footsteps, the strong smell of cigars in places where no one has been smoking, and the sound of someone climbing the lighthouse steps.

- White River Light Station (On Lake Michigan, Whitehall, Michigan)
 Built in 1876 people say that the ghost of White River's first lighthouse keeper, Captain William Robinson, still haunts this structure. He lived there for 47 years with his wife Sara, where they raised all of their 11 children. When he reached retirement age, his son was appointed keeper, but the Captain refused to leave, keeping up with his daily duties well into his 80's. At age 87 he was finally being forced to vacate the lighthouse, and on the evening before he was scheduled to leave, he died in his sleep. Those who know the lighthouse well say that the ghosts of the Captain and his wife both haunt the place. In his later years, Captain Robinson walked with a cane, and the distinctive sound of his footsteps and thumping cane still can be heard making his rounds late at night. His wife Sara occasionally leaves signs that she is helping to keep the place tidy as well.


- Hibbing High School (Hibbing, Minnesota)
 The Hibbing High School was built in 1920. Looking like a medieval castle, its definately one of the most beautiful schools in the world. From marble staircases and brass railings to art deco walls, this place is like no other high school out there. It also houses a very awesome auditorium that was modeled after New York's Capitol Theater. The details put into this great room will take a persons breath away. The auditorium is also haunted.
 There are many stories told about the hauntings in the auditorium. A disabled girl died in it many years ago, and her spirit is rumored to still reside here. Also a semi-translucent man wearing a top hat has been seen on many occasions sitting in seat J-47. Even a photo has been captured of this ghost sitting in seat J-47. A janitor at the school has reported hearing the foot steps of the ghosts as he cleaned a class room. Every time he turned around to look where the foot steps were coming from they would stop, only to start up again as soon as the janitor stopped looking.


- The Lemp Mansion (St. Louis, Missouri)
 Named by LIFE Magazine as "one of the most haunted houses in America" in 1980, this mansion continues to be one of the most active locations west of the Mississippi river. The house was built in the 1860's by the Lemp family, an eccentric brewing family who created what is known today as "Falstaff" beer.
 The house has been marked with tragedy and suicide over the years and most believe this has been the cause of the haunting.  In 1904, William Lemp, who was despondent over the death of his favorite son, committed suicide in the house. In 1920, his daughter, Elsa, also followed suit and killed herself in her own home. Then, two years later, destroyed after being forced to sell the failing brewery during Prohibition, William Lemp Jr. took his own life, shooting himself in the mansion the front office. Then again, in 1949, Charles Lemp also shot himself in the building inside of the basement.
 The Lemp family has now completely died out. The mansion was sold and it became a boarding house for many years. Then in 1977, it was renovated and opened up as a fine restaurant. During this time, workers began reporting strange events in the house. So strange that some of the workers walked off the job and never came back. Since the first suicide of William Lemp, the strange activity has never stopped.
 Over the years, there have been hundreds of reports of unexplained events, apparitions, and the uncanny happenings in the mansion. Staff members and visitors alike have come to the expect weird things to happen in the house and they have almost become commonplace.
- Zombie Road ( western suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri)
 Located just outside of the western suburbs of St. Louis, the very haunted Zombie Road is an issolated, abandoned road-way that is surrounded by thick forrest, rivers, and caves.
  Once believed to be an urban myth, the hauntings here on Zombie Road are now presummed to be true. Many people have lost their lives here along Zombie Road. It is a fact that many years ago a school bus crashed into the river here, and many children lost their lives by drowning. It is also a fact that in the 1970's 3 teenagers drowned here as well. Rituals of Satanic worship and animal sacrifice has also been taking place here in the woods near zombie road.
 Some people have claimed seeing the ghost of children shaped as black silhouettes hiding among the trees that surround the road. People have caught these black silhouette ghosts on pictures and video recordings have also been captured as well. A documentary called "Children Of The Grave" shows some of the great photos of these silhouette figures and the investigators in this film also caught these children ghost on their thermal vision camera as well.
 Originally Zombie Road was called Lawler Ford Road. The road saw a lot of traffic in the early years of its popularity but today it only see's a handful of visitors. In the 1950's this was a teenage hangout spot. Today most visitors come searching for the unexplained. As so many locations of this type do, Lawler Ford Road gained a reputation for being haunted. Numerous legends and stories sprang up about the place, from the typical tales of murdered boyfriends and killers with hooks for hands to more specific tales of a local killer who was dubbed the "Zombie". He was said to live in an old dilapidated shack by the river and would attack young lovers who came here looking for someplace quiet and out of the way. As time passed, the stories of this madman were told and re-told and eventually, the name of Lawler Ford Road was largely forgotten and it was replaced with "Zombie Road", the name by which it is still known today.
  There are many strange stories told here about the road, from ghostly apparitions in the woods to visitors who have vanished without a trace. A man who was killed here by a train in the 1970s is believed to haunt a section of the road near the train tracks. Another spirit seen here on Zombie Road is that of a mysterious old woman who yells at people before disappearing into thin air. There is another ghost story about a boy who fell from the bluffs along the river and died. His body was never found. His ghost is also believed to haunt the area. There are also tales of Native American spirits and modern-day devil worshippers here as well.




- Area of Custer’s Last Stand (Little Big Horn, Montana)
 Today visitor’s to this area can view the black marker that occupies the spot where General Custer allegedly fell. All around the black marker are other no less significant headstones attesting to the brutal fall of U.S. soldiers who had the misfortune of trying to fend off the Indian attacks. The soldiers were scalped and mutilated in the Indian custom of keeping the warrior from reuniting with his body on the other side. All around, the hollow melancholy of that day still lingers on the hills of Little Big Horn.
 Reports have come from the battlefield area of ghostly images and figures being seen as well as strange shadows and mists hovering in the air. Also the eerie sounds of Indian chanting and Indian war cries have been heard and the sound of fighting and screaming has also been heard.



- Goldfield Hotel (Goldfield, Nevada)
  In the empty small town of Goldfield, Nevada is the historic and reportedly very haunted Goldfield Hotel. The town was born in the early 1900's when gold was discovered here in 1902 and a gold rush hit the area. Within a few months, it became the largest town in Nevada.   Like other cities, whose only reason for being was its mining industry, when the ore played out, so did the town. In addition to its numerous saloons, the city once boasted three newspapers, five banks, a mining stock exchange, and a population of nearly 35,000. Unfortunately, just a few years after Goldfield was founded, the volume of ore began to decrease and many of its residents began to move on to more prosperous claims. By 1920, the gold was almost gone and the town was reduced to just about 1,500 people. Three years later, a devastating fire wiped out 27 blocks of homes and businesses here in Goldfield. Today, this once thriving city supports a population of less than 500 people, but it still provides a number of views of its prosperous past, with its centerpiece being the Goldfield Hotel.
  In 1908 the Goldfield Hotel was opened amidst an array of fanfare. Designed by Architect George E. Holesworth,  The hotel was built by millionaire George Wingfield, the primary owner of the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company. The building was built over a mine shaft that had gone dry. The four story building of stone and brick cost alittle over $300,000 to build and included 154 rooms with telephones, electric lights, and heated steam. The lobby was furnished in black leather upholstery, was paneled with mahogany, and crystal chandeliers hung from the beautiful gold-leaf ceilings. The hotel imported chefs from Europe and boasted one of the first Otis elevators west of the Mississippi River. Considered to be the most luxurious hotel between Chicago and San Francisco during the early 1900's, it appealed to society’s upper class, making its owner George Wingfield an even richer man.
 When Goldfield was in its heyday, the hotel entertained all manner of affluent guests. From politicians, to movie stars, to millionaires, all the rich and famous stayed at the Goldfield hotel. However, as the gold began to play out and Goldfield's population diminished, the Goldfield Hotel began a gradual decline. By the 1930s, when the town supported fewer than 1,000 people, it had become little more than a flop house for cowboys and undiscriminating travelers. During World War II, it housed Army Air Corp personnel assigned to the Tonopah Air Base 25 miles north of Goldfield. After the soldiers checked out of the hotel in 1945, the hotel closed its doors forever.
  Over the years, the hotel has changed hands numerous times, with each new owner promising to restore and reopen the old property. In 1985, the building was bought by a San Francisco investor named Lester O’Shea whose plans looked as if they might really come through. However, after a few years when his restoration project was about 85% complete, his company went bankrupt and the property reverted back to the county. In 2003, the county auctioned off the old hotel, as well as nearly ninety other parcels of historic land. A rancher from Carson City named Edgar “Red” Roberts was the only bidder and bought the hotel for $360,000.
   As to the ghosts of the old hotel, reportedly there are several, the most famous of which is a woman named Elizabeth. According to the legend, Elizabeth was a prostitute that George Wingfield visited frequently in the 1930s. When she turned up pregnant, she claimed the child was Wingfield’s, who for a while paid her to stay away, fearful of how the scandal might affect his business affairs. However, when she could no longer hide the pregnancy, Wingfield was said to have lured her into room 109 of the hotel, where he chained her to a radiator. Supplied with food and water, she was left there until her child could be born. Reportedly she cried out over and over for mercy, only to be met with silence. Some say that Elizabeth died in childbirth, but others contend that Wingfield murdered her after the child was born. Her baby was then thrown into the old mine shaft at the northern end of the basement over which the hotel was built. Afterwards, rumors abounded that Elizabeth continued to visit Wingfield and the sound of a crying child could sometimes be heard coming from the depths of the hotel.  When Elizabeth has been sighted, she has been described as having long flowing hair, wearing a white gown, and looking terribly sad as she paces the hallways, calling out to her child. Others have reported her being sighted in Room 109, which is often described as being intensely cold, and on one occasion a ghostly figure appeared in a photograph of the room. However, most people report that while their cameras function normally everywhere else in the hotel, they refuse to work in room 109. Two more ghosts who reportedly committed suicide in third floor rooms of the hotel have been sighted by more than a dozen people. While their identities are unknown, one is said to be a woman who hanged herself, while the other is said to be a man who jumped to his death from the hotel.  In what was once the main dining room, called the Gold Room, a malevolent spirit, familiarly named “The Stabber,” is said to randomly attack those who cross the threshold with a large kitchen knife. Though the Stabber has never harmed anyone, he is said to have frightened many before immediately disappearing after the “attack.” Near the lobby staircase, linger three small spirits including two children and a midget that are said to be pranksters, sneaking up behind people and tapping their backs before giggling and dancing away. Finally, George Wingfield himself is said to haunt his old hotel, making his presence known by his cigar smoke. Others have reported finding fresh cigar ashes in his first floor room. His presence has also been sensed near the giant lobby staircase.
  Many psychics who have visited the old hotel claim that it is a gateway into another world. In the fall of 2001 the Goldfield Hotel was featured on Fox Family TV’s World’s Scariest Places and in 2008 the TAPS team from the TV show Ghost Hunters investigated the Hotel and caught some unbelievable evidence of paranormal activity taking place here.

- Admiral Hawly's House (Whitefield, New Hampshire)
 The house was built by Admiral Hawley and his wife. It stands three stories tall and has a porch that goes around it on three sides. It is located in an isolated patch of the forest, at the end of a narrow, winding, tree-lined driveway.
 Admiral Hawley, and his wife, were a fussy, difficult couple. He would chase off anyone who happened to be on his property. In 1933, Admiral Hawley died. Two years later the house was sold to the J family.
 When Mr. and Mrs. J decided to turn the attic into a club room for their son, the haunting began. The parents cut windows into the wall and threw out all the possessions of the admiral they had found in the attic, which must have been very upsetting to the Admiral. Soon after these actions, footsteps and other sounds began to be heard coming from the attic area and from along the corridors and stairs leading to it. When the son slept in the attic for the first time, he said he heard someone else moving in the room, even though he thought he was alone at the time. Objects would also be heard moving across the attic floor. A house guest even saw the door knob of the door, leading to the attic, turn by itself.
  Although the Admiral Hawley House still might be haunted today, visitors are not welcomed as the house is privately owned and no tours are given. Anyone caught trespassing on the property will be arrested by the police.

- Ocean-Born Mary's Henniker House (Henniker, New Hamshire)
 Located in southwest New Hampshire on Highway 114, this wood-frame two story house sits on a hill overlooking Henniker. 
 According to legend, Halloween is the night that the ghost of Mary Wallace supposedly makes visits to her old house, coming in a horse drawn coach. But
locals say Mary doesn't return to the house on Halloween because she's already there, haunting it on a permanent basis.
 "Ocean-Born" Mary Wallace got her nickname because she was born on the Irish immigrant ship, called the Wolf, in 1720. Pirates boarded the ship. When the pirate Don Pedro got her mother to name the as yet nameless baby, "Mary," in honor of his own mother, the pirate spared the passengers and left them and their booty alone.
 After the pirates left, the Wolf continued its voyage to Boston. Mary's parents settled in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Mary grew up here. She eventually married a man named Wallace. She bore him four sons. Mr. Wallace died following the birth of his fourth son, making Mary a widow.
 The pirate who named Mary eventually retired and settled in Henniker, Hampshire. He built a grand house which sat on 6,000 acres. When he learned Mary was a widow, he invited her and her sons to live with him, still having a warm spot in his heart for this ocean-born woman whose life he has spared many years earlier. Mary took him up on his offer, becoming his wife, and lived there with him and her children for many happy years. The pirate was eventually killed, perhaps by a former member of his pirate crew. She found him dying in the garden, a victim of a killer's knife. Mary granted his dying request, burying him under the hearthstone in the kitchen. Mary inherited the house. She died in 1814, at the age of 94 years old. The house has passed through many hands since then.
 Soon after Mary's death, an apparition of a 6 foot, red-haired woman with flashing green eyes started to be seen by the living standing by the upstairs bay windows and hanging around the central staircase. Throughout the years, her apparition was also seen throwing something down the well that is located in the back yard. Besides at Halloween as mentioned above, Some local people throughout the years, have also seen the entity of Mary riding in a ghostly coach, touring around the countryside and roads of Henneker, being pulled by 4 ghostly horses. Various police officers have also seen Mary throughout the years. Recently, two state troopers claimed to have seen her entity. They described seeing a tall, 6 foot, red-haired ghostly woman dressed in 18th century attire, crossing the road below the old mansion.
 Although it is privately owned. It may be possible to visit "Ocean-Born" Mary's house. Potential visitors should contact the Chamber of Commerce in Henniker.

- Sise Inn (Portsmouth, New Hamshire)
 This 1881 Queen Anne style mansion-turned-inn, has three stories, a ground floor, plus a "bright atrium," that was part of the contemporary addition that was added on by the owners when the old mansion was renovated and made into an inn in 1986. The inside of the now upscale Sise Inn features beautiful butterwood paneling, a Victorian atmosphere, complete with lovely antique furniture that fills every room, and complements the modern touches added; like a brass elevator door.
 This 1881 mansion was originally built by a wealthy businessman named John Sise, for himself and his family. It was in continuous use as a private residence until the mid 1930's, when it began to be used for business and professional services. The mansion itself served as business offices, a doctor's suite, a beauty parlor, a fashion shop, and a half-way house for mental patients.
 The following incidences were reported by Sise Inn personnel, guests, and a former mental patient. They suggest that a male and perhaps a female entity are unseen guests in this classy inn. Suite 204 on the third floor, and the area around it seems to be the favorite haunt of one or two entities. They seem to enjoy playing with the ice machine, throwing ice, and have the compelling need to lock and unlock the doors, much to the annoyance of the living. On a night when there were no guests on the third floor, the desk clerk heard the ice machine on the third floor working. She went up to investigate, and found a trail of ice leading from the ice machine into the then open door of suite 204, where the remainder of the ice lay in a pile on the floor. On another occasion, at 2 o'clock in the morning, guests staying in suite 204 found that their key wouldn't work in the lock. The experienced desk clerk couldn't open the locked door either. The manager had to come over but had no luck with his emergency key. Because all the rooms had been rented that night, a locksmith was called at 4 o'clock in the morning. Oddly, the locksmith had no trouble opening the room with the couple's original key. It seems that some entity wanted a private moment in the suite and was trying to lock the guest out.
 There have also been other occurrences that took place in other guest rooms throughout the Sise Inn too. Various maids have walked through cold spots in rooms that have no physical explanation, and find themselves having trouble with door locks that worked fine the last time they tried to unlock these same doors. One maid felt herself being pulled gently into a closet by an unseen presence. And another maid felt invisible hands grabing her gently on her hips while she was cleaning one of the guest rooms.
 Guest to the Sise Inn have also witnessed strange things happening in the building.  One female guest, while lying down on the bed, felt an unseen presence lay down next to her. Another guest asked for a new room, after a potted plant suddenly flew off the coffee table in his old room. The Elevator is also known to go up and down at will, with the door opening and closing by itself.
 With so much paranormal activity still happening here, the Sise Inn is one of New Hamshires most haunted places. It is open to the public but reservations are required.


- The Ocean Grove Great Auditorium (Ocean Grove, New Jersey)
 The Great Auditorium is almost the size of a football field. Built in 1875, it still continues to be used for Sunday services during the summer and serves as a showcase for the world's greatest preachers and evangelists.  Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, Gypsy Smith, and Norman Vincent Peale are among the well known religious personalities who have addressed the congregation here at the Ocean Grove Great Auditorium.
 A statue of Dr. Stokes sits in front of the Great Auditorium. Its in this area that strange lights and shapes have been seen by unsuspecting visitors to the Auditorium. Inside the Great Auditorium, pictures with orbs appearing on them have been captured. Also photographs with weird lights and anomolies have also been caught here.
 Although some deny that the building is haunted by ghost, Ocean Grove Great Auditorium has a strong spiritual feeling about it.




-The Belasco Theatre (New York, New York)
 The Belasco Theatre is a Broadway theatre that is located at 111 West 44th Street in Manhattan. It was opened in 1907. It was built by and named after David Belasco, who lived in an apartment on the top floor of the theater until his death in 1931.
 At least two spirits are said to haunt the Belasco Theater. The spirit of David Belasco is the first. Belasco's ghost has been seen near the stage area by atleast a few actors who were performing at the theatre. The second ghost is a female spirit that is called the Blue Lady. Her spirit has been seen in many parts of the theatre.
 The Belasco is one of New York's oldest theatre's. It is a facinating place to check out.

- Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay, New York)
 Boldt Castle is located on Heart Island in the 1000 Islands. It was built by a millionaire named George C. Boldt, proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Mr. Boldt set out to build a full size rhineland castle in Alexandria Bay. The giant castle was to be a display of his love for his wife named Louise.
 In the year 1900, 300 workers including stonemasons, carpenters, and artists fashioned the six story, 120 room castle, complete with tunnels, a powerhouse, Italian gardens, a drawbridge, and a dove cote. Nothing was spared. Not a single detail or single expense. Unfortunately in 1904 tragedy struck the Boldt family and Louise Boldt died suddenly. Construction on the castle was immediately stopped. Mr. Boldt said that he was too broken hearted to live in the building without his wife. The building project was put on hold and the castle remained unfinished for almost 73 years.
 Now a days the castle is open to the public. Tours are given of this beautiful rhineland castle and many people have visited this awesome place. Some people even believe that the Boldt Castle is haunted by the lady it was built for, Louise Boldt. People have witnessed a bright light flashing in one of the top windows. When the room of the window is checked out, there isn't anyone or any light in it.
 Boldt Castle is open to tours from May through October. All proceedes from the tours go to the restoration of this beautiful place.

- The Brittany Hotel (New York, New York)
  Located on the New York University’s campus, this building formerly known as the Brittany Hotel now houses dorm rooms for some of the schools students. Built in 1929, the hotel has been home to journalist Walter Winchell and actor Al Pacino. It even holds a speakeasy inside of its penthouse.   Nowadays, dorm residents have reported hearing mysterious music and footsteps throughout the building, and some have even reported the feeling of being watched. The ghosts of the old hotel apparently don't seem to mind whether or not others know they're present, either. A former resident of the hall reports that he and his fiancé were both prevented from having a very good sleep due to a "presence" in the room. It wasn't long before this nervous couple packed up their things and moved out.

- The Dakota (New York, New York)
 Located at Central Park West at 72nd Street. The Dakota is a city landmark that was built in 1884. One of the most terrifying horror films of all time was filmed here. Roman Polanski's "Rosemary’s Baby".
 In the 1960's, the ghost of a young boy was seen by construction workers working at The Dakota. A few years later, another ghost, a girl spirit dressed in old-fashion clothing was seen by a painting crew working in the building. The ghost of musician John Lennon is also rumored to haunt the Dakota. John Lennon was murdered in front of the Dakota in 1980, he now haunts the area. His spirit has been seen in front of the building on more then one occasion.
 The Dakota building is a beautiful site but the history that happened here is definately a tragic one. One of the best musicians ever was taken away from us prematurely as he was murdered by a lunatic. Maybe thats why his spirit is still seen by some people here today.

- Forest Park Cemetery (Brunswick, New York)
 Forest Park Cemetery, also known as Forest Hills Cemetery and Pinewoods Cemetery to the locals is a fairly well-known New York haunted site, mostly because of a 1980 article published in Life Magazine that said it was one of the top ten haunted places in the United States.   Because of financial difficulties over the years, the cemetery has fallen into a disgraceful state of disrepair.
 Set in a beautiful area of natural streams and rolling hills, the cemetery was first incorporated in 1897, and the land originally contained a small pre-existing graveyard.  Some say this is the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, but we have not found any concrete evidence of this.  Grandiose plans were originally  made for fountains and gardens, but these never came to fruition.  A beautiful receiving tomb was built as a centerpiece, but lies in ruins today.   
 Though information is rather sketchy about this particular haunted site, which is surprising considering how well-known it is, from what we can gather, you can see mists, orbs, shadows, and hear some sounds at this location at times, but the most mentioned phenomenon is that of the feeling of a presence or multiple presences and a general uneasy feeling in the graveyard, especially around the ruins of the receiving tomb.  Many websites tout this cemetery as a "gateway to hell" or a "portal" site, but we would have to have something really concrete to upgrade it to either of those statuses.  This is no Bachelor's Grove, but it is still certainly worth a look if you are interested in trying to experience ghostly phenomena in a very conducive setting. 

- Grand Island Holiday Inn (Grand Island, New York)
 This 30 year old, three story hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Tanya. The playful spirit has been seen by guests, maids, hotel managers, and even a few bellboys throughout the years. People usually report seeing her playing, jumping on beds, and running through the halls at night. The Grand Island Holiday Inn was featured on a show called "Scariest Places On Earth". During the show, a young boy told his story of the night he seen the ghost of Tanya. He said he saw a little girl sitting on the floor, playing with his toys. When the boy called out to his mother, the little girl disappeared.
 The Grand Island Holiday Inn hotel is still haunted today. Rooms are available at pretty good rates for those who want to check this place out.

- Hell's Kitchen's Landmark Tavern  (New York, New York)
 Located at 626 11th Ave. at 46th Street, the building itself dates back to 1868. Strange things have been happening here inside this place for many years now and the employees believe that the ghost of a Confederate soldier is the cause of it. A few witnesses have reported seeing this ghost soldier standing in the back room of the tavern.

- Normandy Inn (Long Island, New York)
 The Normandy Inn is located on Lakeland Avenue in Bohemia. It is haunted by a spirit named Maria, who was strangled to death in one of the back rooms when the house was a speak-easy. Her spirit has been seen in many parts of the house but mainly in the kitchen area. Also foot-prints mysteriously have appeared on the carpet even when no one has walked on it.

- The Old Bermuda Inn (Staten Island, New York)
 This period restaurant is located in a house that dates back to 1814. Allegedly, the house is haunted by a young female apparition. It has been reported that the spirit woman is occasionally seen walking through the dining area and also ascending the main staircase. Diners have also reported getting a momentary chill and some have even felt a hand stroking their arm or hair. Employees of the restaurant have heard the sound of a female crying in rooms that are suppose to be empty. When they would go and see whos there, the rooms would always be found empty and the crying would stop.
 Weather your looking for a good meal or just want to hang out with a ghost, the Old Bermuda Inn is a fantastic place to check out.

- SoHo's Manhattan Bistro  (New York, New York)
 Found at 129 Spring street, this place offers a great dinner and a haunting too. A bride to be named Elma Sands was found murdered here in 1799 on the property where the Bistro now stands. Her body was found in an outdoor well that this restaurant covered up when it expanded to a bigger size. Unfortunately Elma Sand's killer was never found and some people believe her ghost expresses her displeasure of that by knocking down and breaking the bistros glasses and other table settings as well.


- Hacker House (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
 The legend of the Hacker House goes back centuries, and it is continually evolving, as terrible events continue to plague this ill-omened house. It rests upon a Native American mass grave, where several dozen bodies lay, aged 20-25 and deposed execution-style, but in such a way that has baffled archaeologists because there was no evidence of weapons or struggle. And indeed Cherokee lore says that the place is cursed, a place, "where the brave may not walk, as his prayers would not be answered." Further evidence of evil play came in 1821, from signed affidavits given by Continental Army soldiers claiming to have had a gun battle with dozens of undead. A century later, the Hacker House was a hospital and laboratory. Though reports are unclear, several bodies were excavated after a great fire in 1930, and they were found to be curiously hollow. Experimental documentation by a Dr. Johnas Hacker seemed to indicate that the hollowing was a result of the experimental medicines ingested by his patients. Rebuilt, the house was turned into a funeral parlor where things went predictably unwell.
 Now people seem to have smartened up. It is possible to take tours of Hacker House, but nobody lives there except maybe a ghost or two.



- Athens Lunatic Asylum building / Ridges Building (Athens, Ohio)
 In 1873, the Athens Lunatic Asylum building was built. Lobotomies, electro shock therapy, and other trial treatments were performed on the patients here. Purchased by the University of Ohio, the hospital was closed in 1979 but the building still stands today and is called the Ridges building. It is rumored to be haunted by ghost and other unexplained phenomena.
 One particularly haunting aspect of the Ridges is the famous stain. On December 1st, 1978, a 54 year old female patient named Margaret Schilling disappeared. She was found dead six weeks later on January 12th, 1979 in a seldom used part of the hospital on the top floor of ward N-20. After removing her body, her outline appeared impressed on the floor, revealing even her hairstyle and folds of her clothing. Its appearance is not scientifically impossible, because it may have been caused by the decomposition of her body in reaction with direct sunlight from the window. But the stain was repeatedly cleaned, and always reappears, and can still be seen today. Some say the ghost of Margaret Schilling and others who have died in the hospital wander the halls at night.
 In 1981, a female college student visited the Athens Lunatic Asylum building. After a short stay, something scared her and she quickly left. That same night, for reasons still unknown, that female student killed herself in her dorm room at Wilson's Hall.
 Strange things have been reported happening here by many people for many years now.

- Hannings Cemetery (Athens, Ohio)
 One of the five cemeteries of Athens Mental Health Center ,Hannings Cemetery was called the thirteenth most haunted place in the world by the British Society for Psychical Research. Frequent sightings of a phantom man wearing a dark hood and robe and holding a sickle have been seen in various parts of the cemetery. Some people have even claimed being chased out of Hanning cemetery by the evil hooded spirit.

- Mansfield Reformatory (Mansfield, Ohio)
 The Mansfield Reformatory, (also known as the Ohio State Reformatory) is a historic prison located at 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio, USA. The Reformatory was built between 1886 and 1910 by architect Levi T. Scofield.
 The prison was designed in Romanesque Revival style to look like the old world castles and cathedrals in Germany. It was built on the site of a former Civil War camp, Camp Mordecai Bartley. It is also known for having the world's tallest free-standing, steel cell block, at six tiers high.
 On September 17th, 1896 the first 150 inmates were brought to the prison. By the early 1930's the prison was extremely overcrowded and outdated. It wasn't until the 1980's that Mansfield Reformatory was deemed unfit to serve as a prison. The state officially stopped using it as a prison in December of 1990.
 The Mansfield Reformatory has an incredible list of haunted tales that are part of its long history, probably because over 200 people died within the walls of the prison. Many were murdered, others committed suicide, and a few guards were even killed during a few escape attempts.
 From 1935 until 1959 Arthur Lewis Glattke was the prisons Superintendent. Glattke's wife, Helen Bauer Glattke, died three days following an accident in November 1950 when a handgun discharged as she was reaching into a jewelry box. Rumors have it that the warden actually murdered his wife and a huge cover up ensued. Warden Glattke died following a heart attack suffered in his office on February 10th, 1959.
  The Mansfield Reformatory is supposedly haunted with several paranormal "hotspots" such as the two chapels, the area around the warden's office, the infirmary, and the solitary confinement area. The cell that is marked with an "X" has also been reported to have unusual activity in it. The ghosts of both warden Glattke and his wife Helen are reported to haunt the reformatory's east administration building. Many orbs and mists have been photographed in the administrative wing over the years. Visitors to this wing have felt cold air spots while wandering its halls and have complained of camera malfunctions as well. The sound of slamming cell doors and someone running through the halls have been reported. Almost every visitor feels as though they are being watched from many of the cells. The Chapel is also an area of high paranormal activity. Orbs, mists, equipment failures, and mysterious shadows are just some of the strange events that occur here. Some people believe that the Chapel was used as an execution c hamber before being converted into a place of worship.
 The facility gained fame when it served as Shawshank State Prison in the 1994 movie, The Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The prison today is a museum and tours and ghost hunts are offered during the summer months only.

- Wilson Hall - Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)
 Viewed from a map, the five cemeteries of Athens Mental Health Center form the perfect shape of a pentagram. Eerie coincidence but right in the middle of the shape sits Wilson Hall, an Ohio University building that opened in 1964. It was built on the same land as an original graveyard used by the asylum, and is the site of several reported paranormal occurrences.
 Room 428, in particular, has had reports of objects flying off shelves, doors opening and closing of their own volition, toilets flushing, and sights of the ghost of a student who died in the room.

- Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio)
 Wright Patterson Air Force Base is located in Dayton, Ohio, on 1100 Spaatz Street. It is the oldest and biggest aviation museum in the world. It contains an awesome huge collection of aircraft and war memorabilia inside of 5 very big galleries all connected to each other by hallways.
 All 5 galleries are interesting and very educational as well. The first "The Early Flight Years Gallery" contains alot of old planes from the 1920's and 1930's and stories about military flight before World War 2. The second gallery is the "Air Power Gallery". It contains a collection of uniforms from all of the services, heroes, and campaigns the United States has been in. It also has alot of planes from World War 2 and this gallery also features a number of different exhibits and artifacts that would take forever to mention all of them. In the third gallery, "the Modern Fight Gallery", a B-52 Bomber is on display, along with alot of other planes as well. A few Helicopters can also be seen here. The next gallery is "The Cold War Gallery". This gallery is a 2 hangar setup with all the planes used by our Air Force in that era. This gallery’s aircraft collection shows a wide variety of aircraft, such as fighters, long-range bombers, attack aircraft, reconnaissance air craft, heavy airlift and trainers, plus mo re. One modern aircraft on display here is the world’s only permanent public display of a B-2 stealth bomber. Another interesting thing here in this gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall from Germany on display. The last gallery is the "Missile & Space Gallery". The Challenger Space Shuttle is up on display here as well as a number of different missiles. Space modules used in the Apollo program is also on exhibit here.
 With so many historic items on display here, its no wonder that the Wright Patterson Air Force Base is believed by many to be haunted by a number of spirits. Some believe that the old Air Force relics and planes on display at the museum attract the spirits of crew members killed in action or accidents. Janitors and guards have reported paranormal occurrences taking place here at the base such as moving objects, unexplainable voices, actual apparitions, and strange eerie sounds. One janitor actually reported being hit by an unseen apparition. Pilots and crews who loved their planes while alive, still might be attracted to them even after they are dead. WW2 planes "Lady Be Good", "Strawberry Bitch", & "Bockscar" are all rumored to be haunted by ghost here. Two vietnam helicopters are also said to be haunted by spirits, the "Hop-Along" and the "Black Maria".
 Recently the TAPS crew, from the TV show Ghost Hunters, did an investigation here. They had a very interesting time and collected some pretty good evidence of the paranormal activity taking place here. In the end they agreed that the air force base is definately haunted by something or someone.
 The air force base is open to the public year round. It is free to enter the base but a photo ID is required to get in. Along with your ID, dont forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes because you'll do alot of walking here.



- Heceta Head Lighthouse (Florence, Oregon)
 Heceta Head Lighthouse was built in 1894. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the "Gray Lady," who is perhaps the mother of an unknown baby whose grave had been found on the lighthouse grounds. Also known as "Rue," the ghost is known for moving objects, opening and closing cupboard doors, and other strange occurrences. One workman claimed to have come face-to-face with the ghost called Rue in the attic and fled in terror. Days later, while working on the exterior of the building, he accidentally broke one of the attic's windows, but refused to go up there alone to repair it. He instead repaired it from the outside, leaving the broken glass scattered across the attic floor. That night, workers heard scraping noises in the attic. When they checked it out the next morning, all of the broken glass pieces had been swept into a neat pile. Even today, some report that they have seen an elderly woman looking down from an attic window.


- Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, Pensylvania)
 This old jail has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters as well as the public at large since it has been opened to tours.
 Built in 1829, the imposing Gothic structure was originally designed to hold 250 inmates in solitary confinement. At the height of its use, however, as many as 1,700 prisoners were crammed into the cells here. Like many such places of high emotional stress, misery and death, the prison has become haunted by the prisoners who lived and sometimes died here.
 One of its most famous inmates was none other than Al Capone, the well known gangster. Capone was incarcerated here in 1929 for illegal weapons possession. During his stay at Eastern State, it is said that Capone was tormented by the ghost of James Clark, one of the men Capone had murdered in the infamous St. Valentine's Day massacre.
 With shadowy figures being seen to weird noises coming from empty cell blocks, Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most scary places in the United States. EVP's have been caught

- Gettysburg Battlefield (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
 Three days of the bloodiest fighting of the American Civil War have forever etched these hallowed fields into the memory of a country and a people. But in the hundred-plus years since the last shot was fired and the last man fell, there continue to be reports from the fields of the fallen. Reports of spectral armies still marching in step, of ghostly sentinels and horsemen, of mournful women in white, and the ghostly wails of orphans and animals alike.
 The Gettysburg Battlefield was the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1st to July 3rd, 1863. Located 50 miles northwest of Baltimore, the small town of Gettysburg, was the site of the largest battle ever waged during the American Civil War. It was also the bloodiest single battle of the war, resulting in over 51,000 soldiers killed and/or wounded during the three day battle.
 It is now the site of two historic landmarks. Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Thousands of visitors come to visit these historic sites every year. Many of these visitors have witnessed paranormal activity taking place here in Gettysburg.
 From seeing ghostly apparitions, to hearing strange sounds and noises, people have even reported being touched by an unknown force while visiting this place.

- Knickerbocker Hotel (Linesville, Pennsylvania)
 Over a hundred and thirty years old, the building is believed to be haunted by one or two ghost. The current owners believe the hotel has plenty of paranormal activity and are open to ghost investigations taking place here.  Already some evidence has been captured here by a few of the Paranormal investigators that have checked out the old hotel.
 The hotel has a ghost cam located on the third floor where most of the paranormal activity takes place. Some past guest have reported being choked up on the third floor and a ghost child has also been seen and heard on that same floor. The owner also warn that a few people have been pushed by an unseen force while walking on the stairs that lead to the third floor.
 Recently the Knickerbocker Hotel here in Linesville was featured on the show Paranormal state. Although not much was caught during the investigation in terms of evidence, a few weird incidents did occure.


- Joseph P. Ladd Center - Formerly the Ladd School (Exeter, Rhode Island)
 From 1902 until 1982, this compound was known as the Ladd School (a mental hospital and rehabilitation center). Now called the Joseph P. Ladd Center it is an abandoned site. The buildings today are deserted and in total disrepair. The area is crumbling on itself slowly and the only new thing is the graffity on all the walls and the garbage on the floors. The area use to contain 10 buildings including a 6-story hospital, a large gym recreational center, a power plant with 400 foot tower, a community center, a dorm room building,  a class room building, a crematorium, a cafeteria center, and a few administration buildings. Now only a few of those buildings are left, and those remaining are falling apart.
 Many people believe that the Joseph P. Ladd Center is very haunted. Some of the people who have visited the abandoned buildings here have witnessed paranormal activity taking place. Some of these trespassers have been sent running by the spirits here. Others stayed to experience the strangeactivity taking occurring. People say that as soon as you enter the site you get chills up and down your spine and an overwhelming feeling that your being watched by someone or something. To get into the buildings, trespassers usual have to squezze through the windows and sneak in. People have heard strange noises throughout the Ladd Center. On a few occasions strange voices were heard coming from an empty area where nobody was. A few visitors were even attacked by an unknown entity and had things they were holding knocked out of their hands. People have seen ghost here on a number of times. One man claimed to see the spirit of a little girl. When he went to approach her, the little girl just disappeared right in front of him. On another night, another witness seen a different ghost, this time a woman spirit who he seen floating through a hallway.
 One of the scariest buildings currently still standing is the hospital. The water tub hydro therapy room is located in the very freaky hospital building. The run down room still holds many objects and hospital furniture, including a torture tub that was used on patients here in the past. It is known that patient torture occured at hospitals like this one during the early and mid 1900's. Water torture and electro shock therapy were commonly used on the mentally handicapped patients. When you enter this room, right away fear overtakes you. Its one of the most scariest rooms on the site. Another is the padded cell rooms that use to hold the uncontrolable patients. When you enter one of the padded rooms its definately overwhelming.
 It seems that those who died here, are stuck here on the property for some reason or another.  Some of the patients here must of been miserable and some suffered for their handicaps. Maybe that is why some spirits still haunt this place. Definately one of the scariest sites in America and maybe one of the most haunted places in the world.






- The Bell Farm (Adams, Tennessee)
 The whole story behind the Bell farm haunting has been spread throughout the world like wildfire, because it is the only documented case in paranormal history where a ghost supposedly was responsible for the death of a living person.
 Between 1817 and 1821 the Bell Family was terrorized by a spirit believed to be that of a deceased woman, who also became known as the Bell witch. She is said to have perturbed and tortured John Bell the father of the Bell family, so much that it ultimately lead to his death.
It was said that during John Bell's funeral, the evil spirit disturbed the service by laughing and yelling loudly scaring all of the guest who attended the funeral.  

- Chickamauga Battlefield (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
 Chickamauga is derived from an ancient Cherokee word meaning "River of Death". And during the Civil War thats what the area became. Considered a Confederate victory for halting the Union advance, the Battle of Chickamauga was a costly one. It claimed an estimated 34,624 casualties (16,170 for the Union; 18,454 for the Confederates).
 "Wherever there has been great suffering, people are always seeing strange things" said historian and former chief ranger at Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, Edward Tinney. Tinney worked at the park from 1969 thru 1986. He also said that ghostly sightings here are a common occurance.
 There is a legend of a ghost who is said to haunt the battlefield in various forms ranging from a Confederate soldier to a green-eyed panther. Named Old Green Eyes, he is rumored to be a man who lost his head to a cannonball during the battle, and now his spirit desperately searches for his long lost head. The Old Green Eyes legend has been a part of Chickamauga Battlefield lore since the last shot was fired back on September 20th, 1863.
 Other stories of hauntings on the battlefield include visitors' accounts of hearing gunshots, hoof beats, or smelling the strong scent of alcohol in the air.


- The Alamo (San Antonio, Texas)
 Site of the Last Stand of U.S. Texans and proud Tejanos against the overwhelming might of Mexican General Santa Anna and his men, the Alamo is burned into the history and patriotic memory of every American generation since then.
 The valiant defiance of Texas was tested in the forge on the 6th of March 1836 when men like Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett chose to fight and die together for the honor of Texas and the independence of America.
 Many people claim that the spirits of Bowie and Crockett, and some of the other brave defenders of this Mission turned Fortress remain to this day, still watchful and resolute, still prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.
 Today, the Alamo is open to the public every day of the year except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Its an amazing place to visit and a person can become kind of overwelmed by the building.

 Perhaps the most haunted building in Austin and the most haunted hotel in the state of Texas, the Driskill Hotel was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1969.
 Cattle baron Colonel Jesse Lincoln Driskill opened the hotel to great fanfare on December 29th, 1886. Sparing no expense for the project, Driskill spent every penny he had on the hotel. Featuring steam heat and hydraulic elevators, it truly was the crown jewel of Austin. The rooms themselves were extremely lavish, with 20 foot high ceilings and 18 inch thick brick walls.
 Over the years, the Driskill hotel has had 23 different owners. Its current owners have restored it to its original grandeur. In the lobby you will find the portrait of Colonel Driskill, painted by artist William Huddle in 1890.
 As for some of the claimed paranormal activity in this place, Colonel Driskill himself is said to wander through the hallways on the original side of the hotel. His ghost is marked by the smell of cigar smoke and the flickering of lights.
 In 1887, the daughter of a Senator fell to her death while chasing a ball down the grand staircase. Her death was the first at the hotel and her spirit is also the first recorded ghost spotted at the Driskill. Afew days after her accidental death here at the hotel, a few guests reported seeing the phantom little girl running around and playing with a ball.
 Another ghost that might reside here is that of a man named P.J.
Lawless. Mr. Lawless lived in the Driskill for over 31 years. He also worked here and was a ticket agent for the hotel. After his death, a ghost dressed as a ticket agent has been seen on the first floor, near the elevators.
 Guest Room 525 is considered by many to be haunted. For years the Driskill staff had closed off the room and used it only for storage. In 1998 however, the room was re-opened and soon after strange things started to happen in that room.
 Located in the middle of San Antonio, the Menger Hotel was opened on February 1st, 1859. Originally only 2 stories tall, it has now expanded to 5.
 Many historical figures have stayed here at the Menger Hotel. U.S. Presidents Ulysees S. Grant and Richard M. Nixon have stayed here. Baseball great Babe Ruth, and famous actress Mae West have also visited the Menger.
 The most prominent and sought after ghost at the Menger is that of a girl named Sallie White. Once a chambermaid she was shot to death by her jelous husband, Henry Wheeler on March 28th, 1876. A very popular employee, Sallie's funeral was paid for by the hotel. Always seen carrying towels, she wears a long gray skirt and has a bandanna tied around her forehead. Current Menger Hotel maids do not like to work alone in the section of the hotel that Sallie is sometimes seen in.
  In the original lobby of the hotel a women is seen knitting. She is clad in an old-fashioned blue dress, wearing small wire-framed glasses, and a tassled beret. She has been asked by a staff member if she was comfortable or needed anything. In an unfriendly tone she replied "no," and then suddenly disapeered.
 Another ghost at the hotel might be the spirit of Captain Richard King. The Captain is the wealthiest and perhaps most famous of the Menger's resident ghosts. Owner of King Ranch, one of the largest in the world in nearby Kingsville, Texas, Mr. King held a personal suite at the hotel. The final months of his life were spent in his suite at the hotel, and on April 15th, in 1885 his funeral was held in the Menger's Parlor. The room in which he died has now been named the King Suite. Using an unconventional port of entry, King is often seen walking into his old room right through the wall, where a door had once been.


- Alfred McCune Home (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  The Alfred McCune Home is located on Capital Hill in Salt Lake City. The 21 room mansion sits on the northeast corner of 200 North and Main Street. Alfred W. McCune and his wife Elizabeth lived in the home until 1920, when they moved to Los Angeles. Since then, the building had been used as a Music School and then a Dance School. Nowadays, the mansion is privately owned and rented out for parties and special gatherings.
  In 1999, the Mansion was renovated by its new owners. Since the renovation, strange things have been witnessed in the house. Moving cold spots have been felt throughout the mansion. Visitors have heard strange voices and sounds coming from empty rooms. Doors that had no locks on them would be somehow locked and people would be unable to open them. Objects left in the empty building would somehow be moved. On a few occasions, a ghost wearing a black cape has been seen by a few different witnesses.
  While the McCunes lived in the mansion, they had a small room constructed under the grand staircase. In this room musicians could play live music for the McCunes and their guests. From this small room the music could be heard throughout the house. Years later, it has been reported that music could still be heard sometimes coming from that room, even when no musicians were in their. There is also an organ inside the mansion that has been heard playing by itself.
  The Alfred McCune Home is a awesome building to visit. Now protected by the National Register of Historic Places, its mysteries will be around for many years to come.

- American Fork Canyon (Wasatch Mountains, Utah)
  American Fork Canyon is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. It is named after the river that runs through the bottom of the canyon. It is famous for the Timpanogos Cave National Monument and it has many bike paths and campgrounds for visitors to explore.
  In the day time, the American Fork Canyon is a beautiful, wonderful place to visit. But when the sun sets, it becomes a very creepy scary place that can scare the bravest of men. One of the scariest areas on the canyon is the Forest City Graveyard. Many people have reported seeing apparitions in and around the old graveyard, especially at night. Some people have heard voices calling out to them, from the cemetery, only to find the area empty.
  Another scary area to visit at night is the Tibble Fork Parking lot. It is said that if you go there at night, and do three circles in the lot, you will come to a fork in the road, near the exit of the canyon, where a black ghost hearst will be waiting for you and follow you until you leave the area.
  Every year many people lose their lives due to auto accidents here at the canyon. One of these victims is sometimes seen trying to hitch-hike. When people stop to give him a ride, the ghostly hitchhiker simply disappears into the dark night.
  The American Fork Canyon is a awesome place to check out. But if your gonna come here at night, drive very carefully and be ready for a scary time.




- Cold Harbor - Richmond National Battlefield(Richmond, Virginia)
 The Battle of Cold Harbor was fought between May 31st and June 12th, 1864 and is one of the battles at which General Ulysses S. Grant was present in personal command. This did not forestall the Confederates or prevent a Union loss, but men of both sides fought and fell valiantly. Over 16,000 men died or were wounded at Cold Harbor and years later the number was being revised as farmers and hapless visitors continued to uncover remains of men who fell in this horrible corner of Virginia.
 Visitors to the Cold Harbor / Richmond battlefields have reported encounters with ghostly soldiers and unexplained lights; the sound of hoof beats and cannon fire still persist to this day.


- Harvard City Theatre (Seattle, Washington)
 Harvard Exit Theater is described as an unusual, luxurious home, more than it is a theater. This three story brick building was erected in the 1900's, on the site of another house that had once existed on this same spot. This Theater House is located in the Capitol Hill section, which can be found in the downtown area of Seattle.
 In the 1920's, Harvard Exit House became the home of the Women's Century Club for many years, whose focused members were dedicated to getting the right to vote and equality for women. From the early days of the Women's Century Club, some women members lived in the building, on the second floor and in the apartment on the third floor. Women lived in the building for fifty years until the 1968. The Women's Century Club still meets in the building twice a week, though it is now known as a Theater House.
 Harvard Exit Theater opened as a cinema in 1968, and was run by people described as "eccentric film buffs." Or perhaps a more blunt point of view would see them as a "wild bunch of hippie types," an opinion held by Allan Blangy, who was the Theater Manager at one point, but now is the district manager of the Landmark Theater chain. The Landmark Theater chain took over the operations in 1979, and put in another cinema on the third floor, during the early 1980's. Today, the Harvard Exit Theater specializes in art films; both foreign and American classic movies, and is the sight of film festivals, such as the Seattle International Film Festival.
 The Harvard Exit Theatre is rumored to be very haunted. It is believed that atleast a few spirits still haunt this theatre today. Hauntings of this building seem to go back to its very beginning when it was first built. There are several facts about and incidents which happened in the Harvard Exit that can give explanations for the paranormal activities taking place here. Nearly every decade through the 1980's contributed something to the paranormal activity experienced by the living. Around the turn of the century, a murder of a man, killed in a brawl, took place in the house that was torn down to make room for this Harvard Exit building. A male manifestation, described as being portly, slightly see-through, and wearing an old-fashioned suit has made his appearance known to visitors. People have seen this apparition only to have him disappear right in front of their eyes.
 On a few occasions, the ghost have been known to reorganize the film canisters around the projection room on the first floor. On several occasions during the years, Theater Managers have opened the building and found the movie projector showing a film to an unseen audience. In one instance, a projectionist arrived to start his shift and found that a movie had already been playing to an empty, dark house. He made haste to the projection room to catch the guilty party, but found that the door was locked from the inside. When he opened the room it was empty.
 In the 1940's, a woman was suffocated somewhere in the building. Her spirit has been seen standing on the balcony. People have also felt weird cold-spots on that same balcony. A janitor who was vacuuming the rugs suddenly got the sense that she wasn't alone in the auditorium. After turning off the vacuum cleaner, she glanced up to the balcony and saw a figure wearing an old fashioned Victorian dress , standing there, though she couldn't make out the face or hands. Another young woman at a different time saw this same apparition, in a more complete form also standing in the balcony.
 On the second floor, On one occasion a man working in the second floor administration office suddenly heard a woman crying as if her heart was breaking. Going out in the hall, he saw a female in emotional distress. Thinking she was a real human being, he approaches her to offer comfort, but she vanishes into the air. Several other women working in these offices throughout the years have also seen this full formed female apparition floating down the hall way.
 All three floors of the Harvard Exit Theatre seem to be haunted. Many different spirits have been seen throughout this awesome building.

- Monaghan Hall (Spokane, Washington)
 Monaghan Hall is found on the campus of Gonzaga University, which is a private school in Spokane, Washington. This spooky-looking, 1898 mansion was originally built by a pioneer, a man named James Monaghan. The mansion's former owners sold it to Gonzaga University in 1942.
 Looking like a movie set for an Alfred Hitchcock / Vincent Price movie, this "formidable" three story mansion comes complete with a turret and a very wide porch that circles around the entire mansion. The wide porch completely overshadows and darkens the first floor windows, even on the sunniest of days. Now called Monaghan Hall, it houses the University's Music Conservatory, containing all the music classrooms, practice rooms, and the music professors' offices.
 During the early 1970's, many strange and unusual reports of the paranormal kind were being made by music students who attended class in Monaghan Hall. From seeing objects move on there own, to hearing strange sounds and instuments going off on there own. Some students even heard footsteps coming from empty hallways. In response to fearful students, who had heard the ghostly footsteps of an unseen presence, Father Leedale decided to show students that there was nothing to be scared of by sleeping in his office on a roll-away bed. That night, Father Leedale witnessed the ghost phenomenon for the first time. As he went to unlock his classroom door, the knob turned by itself, and the door violently flung open on its own. About two months later, in the evening time, Father Leedale heard a flutist playing a melody right in the hall outside of his studio door. When he looked out into the hall, the music had stopped and no one was in sight. On another day, Father Leedale and a student heard a growling noise coming from a locked storage room in the basement. When they unlocked it, there was nothing seen in the room that could of made the growling scary noise.
 The Morghan Hall housekeeper also experienced the ghost here. On one afternoon she heard a repeated refrain of organ music coming from the dark, locked organ room. When she unlocked the organ room door, and turned on the light, she saw the organ keys being diligently played in time to the melody heard, but with no visible player practicing. The music being played was the same song heard by Father Leedale afew weeks earlier outside of his office.
 In an effort to discover who or what this hostile, but musical unseen presence was, a complete search of the mansion was conducted by Father Leedale, the Department Chairman of Music, Daniel Brenner, and 2 guards. What the four men found on the third floor was a hostile, oppressive, unseen presence that obviously wasn't planning on leaving any time soon. The two guards both felt this hostile force holding and trying to strangle them. Daniel Brenner was so scared that he wasn't able to move at all, and the good Father's skin was reacting to something unseen. The hostile, cold, and menacing entity was bearing down on them all. They all managed to escape the building, and made plans to hold a rite of exorcism. On February 24, 1975, Father Leedale, Daniel Brenner, who held the holy water, and a small group of supporters all bravely gathered together in the mansion to go through the rite of exorcism, which consisted of saying six prayers over a period of four days, in hopes of forcing this unpleasant, bullying entity out of the building. During the first prayer, Father Leedale's heavy wooden cross that he wore around his neck, began to bang back and forth, against his chest. Undaunted, Father Leedale simply held the cross firmly in place with one hand, and held the prayer book with the other. The exorcism was successful. By February 28th, 1975, this angry presence was gone from Monaghan Hall, much to the relief of all who used the building.
 Weather or not the building is still haunted remains unknown. It is believed that the exorcism in 1975 was a success, but weather or not the spirits have returned still remains to be seen. Monaghan Hall is private property and only students and teachers are allowed in the building. The police will be called on any trespassers and they will be arrested.


- The White House (Washington D.C.)
 The White House is the home and work place of the United States President. Built between 1792 and 1800, the White House has been the executive home of every U.S. President since John Adams. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., it is owned by the National Park Service and is part of the President's Park district. Today, the White House Complex includes the Executive Residence, as well as East and West Wings. The White House is made up of six stories (the Ground Floor, State Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, and also a two-story basement).
 The White House has had its share of ghost stories and paranormal reports. Many people have had incounters with the ghost who haunt this very historic place. One spirit that has been seen on a number of occasions here is that of Former President Abraham Lincoln . Although Lincoln was shot and killed in 1865 , his spirit has been seen many times since. Former President Theodore Roosevelt and Former First Lady Grace Coolidge, reported seeing a tall, gaunt figure in spirit form, that looked alot like President Lincoln. Lincoln's ghost has been seen in all three parts of the White House. One room that he seems to favor is the bedroom that was his wifes when they lived here together before his death. On one night, the queen of the Neatherlands was staying in that room and she was awoken in the middle of the night by a knock at the door. When she got out of bed and looked to see who it was that knocked on her door, standing there was the transparent figure of Lincoln. Seeing him startled her so bad that she fainted and was found the next morning laying on the floor.
 A different kind of spirit that has been seen here inside of the White House is that of a black cat. The ghost cat is almost always seen in the basement area, and there is a legend that goes with this cats appearance. The legend states that when the cat is seen, national trajedy will occur. So far this legend has proven true as the cat appeared before both FDR's death in 1945 and John F. Kennedy's deaths as well in 1972.
 One of the most haunted rooms in the White House is the Statuary Hall room. The National Statuary Hall, also known as the Old Hall of the House, is the large, two-story, semi-circular room south of the Rotunda. The meeting place of the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 50 years, and now the main exhibition space for the National Statuary Hall collection. This room is one of the most historic chambers in the Capitol. Presently, 38 statues are located in National Statuary Hall. Guards reported seeing the statues come to life and start dancing. Others have heard what sounds like men talking in this room even when the room is empty.
 Currently the White House is not open to the public. Since 2003, limited tours are given only to those individuals who make prior arrangements through their Congressional representatives and who submit to background checks.


- West Virginia Penitentiary (Moundsville, West Virginia)
 West Virginia Penitentiary at Moundsville opened for full operation in 1876. During the history of the prison, almost a hundred men were executed here. From 1899-1949, eighty-five men were hung. In 1951 the State began using an electric chair and nine men were electrocuted and killed that way. The executions were only a small part of the violent past at Moundsville.
 Suicide, murder and violent punishments contributed to the death of hundreds of inmates. Because of poor record keeping, the exact number of inmates who died viole00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000nt deaths while incarcerated at Moundsville is unknown.
 In 1986, the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the Penitentiary's tiny cells were cruel and unusual punishment. The Moundsville Penitentiary officially closed its doors in 1995.
 One of the bloodiest prisons in the U.S. its no surprise that this place is rumored to be haunted. According to popular legend, the prison buildings were built on an old Native American burial ground. Some believe that the legend coupled with the prisons violent past is why it is haunted toay.
 People have reported seeing full body ghost apparitions throughout the jail. Noises have been heard coming from the empty cells and the feeling of being constantly watched is felt by the majority of visitors here. There are several areas in the prison known as "hot spots" where an unusual amount of paranormal activity reportedly occurs. Such places include: the Chapel, the shower cages, Death Row, the Sugar Shack (which was a recreational area) and the North Wagon Gate (which is where death row inmates were taken to be hung before the facility used the electric chair).






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